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buder park

Park Information

This park encompasses the home flying field of the Aeropilots R/C flying club. It is the property of St Louis Country Parks and supervised by GSLMA. Spectators are always welcome. Because of certain safety conditions, please follow the exact rules of the park. Questions are encouraged. A beginning flyer must be accompanied and instructed by an experienced flyer, with a valid current permit to fly, along with proof of insurance. Non compliance will be subjected to the County Park Rangers and violations may be punished by fine or further extent of the law. Download the latest Buder Park Permit Application Form  

Current Events

The Annual Fall Swap Meet at Buder Park is held every October

Swap Meet Valley Park MO

Buder Park Swap Meet is held on the 1st Saturday in October

Swap meet at Buder Park from 8 AM to 12 Noon. Back your car up to the grass and sell out of your trunk.
No fee to buy or sell. We ae asking for a donation to our designated club Charity Wings of Hope in Chestefield
50 /50 raffle tickets will be sold to benefit Wings of Hope as well See you there!

Wings of Hope

GSLMA National Model Aviation Day will be in August of 2022

Model Aviation Day

model airplanes

We have a You-Tube channel for fun and educational purposes surrounding the radio control hobby These are videos shot on location at Buder park from the prospective of he airplane. By joining our Facebook page you can upload your own videos there for others to enjoy.



   buder park aeropilots  

Buder Park October Swap Meet

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pictures of buder park

Sun Snow Fog and Flood seasons of Buder Park

buder park runway   buder park fog    buder park snow

buder park snow   buder park snow   buder park snow   Meramec River Flood   Meramec River Flood   Flight tables  

New Fence  

Photo from the Airplane   Mobius keychain camera   Aerial Photo  

This link is a photo gallery of the airplane Flying Field at Buder park in Valley Park Missouri, provided by St Louis County Parks.

fly at buder park

The fee for an annual flying permit was set by GSLMA in January 2023 at $35 per year. You must have a valid permit in your possession to fly. No exceptions. Download the latest Buder Park Permit Application  
You will need to hold a current 2023 flying permit in your possession as of 01/01/23 to fly, or face fines by St Louis County Park rangers. Read all the current Rules and Regulations for Buder Park, last revised in 2016.

New Permits for 2023 are due on January 1st 2023.

airshow st louis   airshow st louis   st louis airshow  

history of Buder park

Buder Park

The St. Louis County Parks Department official web site for Buder Park contains a history and list of the park's amenities. You will also find a complete listing of all rules, regulations, and codes of conduct set forth by the parks department

directions to buder park

Lydia Buder Park is located in West St. Louis County at the corner of highway I-44 and 141 (Woods Mill Rd.) in Valley Park, MO. If you are driving west on Highway I-44, then exit at 141 and turn right after going down the long off ramp/outer road. You can see the park to your right as you are traveling down the off ramp toward Highway 141. You need to get off Highway 141 almost immediately and turn right onto North Outer Road of Highway 141, then turn right again (east) and the park entrance is only 200 feet across the railroad tracks. The park is north of Highway 44 and east of Highway 141. As an aside, if you travel west on North Outer Road you will run into Lone Elk Park and the Wild Bird Sanctuary.

Buder Park is the only public Radio Controlled Flying field in St. Louis.It is owned and managed by St Louis County Parks

There are twin asphalt runways 350 x 33 feet. The flying field a nice pit area and plenty of parking. Southwest of the main RC field is three circles for control line flying

Pilots must stand in their designated stations for safety, communications, and continuity. There is no running of engines allowed under the pavilion area. There is no flying allowed south of the flight line, specifically over the pavilion, the public areas, or the parking lot. There is no flying north of the grass berm that separates the flying field from the designated soccer areas or ball diamonds to the north.

Buder Park Valley Park MO

meremac river at buder park


During the flood season monitor the Meremec River Levels at Valley Park.

And the National Weather Service Advanced Hydrological Prediction site.

High water can and will effect the conditions of the flying field, and may be closed without notice for the protection of people and property.

winds at buder park

Buder Park

Wind is a constant factor in flying at Buder Park. Check out wind speed and direction from a "Live Wind Map"

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